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Bumper Rail for Baby Cot/Crib

Bumper Rail for Baby Cot/Crib

Style: Orange Print

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AHC bumpers for baby's crib are specially designed to prevent the head or feet of a baby from accidentally slipping through the crib's slats. Sometimes, babies might get their head stuck or hurt themselves by slipping through. AHC bumpers can be fit in the interiors of a baby's crib that prevents them from falling down as well.

The fabric pad with soft foam doesn't hurt the baby and effectively prevents baby from accidentally slipping their limbs through the slats or banging their head on the side of the crib.


  • Designed to fit in all types of cribs
  • Soft virgin cushion foam
  • Soft & breathable fabric
  • Gives 100% protection
  • Dimension: 400 cm x 25 cm 


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